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As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and owner/officer in a local public accounting firm with over 30 years experience, I offer all the normal services one would expect from such a firm: installation and maintenance of an accounting system, preparation of business and individual income tax filings, tax and financial planning, and help with payroll tax filings, etc. However, one of my main interests and specialties as a CPA in Salt Lake is working with small businesses and with the owners of small businesses. It is difficult for many small businesses to stay informed of the constant changes and revisions in accounting standards, income tax laws, and regulatory requirements of running a small business.

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Most small businesses have computer generated accounting records, but many do not really understand what the data generated means and how to use that information in managing their business. You not only need an accounting system, but you may also need help understanding what it all means. Just tracking the bottom line / net income? only tells you a part of the story and does not explain all of your financial strengths and weaknesses. For this reason your most valuable asset may be the accounting and tax services you receive from an independent Salt Lake City CPA.

You are part of the ongoing small business boom that is completely reshaping the way Americans think about small businesses and personal wealth. Whether we are in a recession or not, proper planning and accurate information will help you weather difficult times and prosper during periods of economic growth. As an accountant in Salt Lake County, I am here to assist you with everything you need. 

I concentrate on helping small businesses grow, save taxes, manage their assets, and meet the financial and tax reporting requirements encountered in the current regulatory and economic environment. Along with helping you make sure your financial information is accurate, as your business account in Salt Lake County I will also help you understand how to use that information to manage your business. If you need to get your taxes done in Salt Lake county, you have come to the right place. 
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